“A Spire”, by Brian O’Beirne

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 4.30PM. $10. Hotel Los Gatos map

dublin-spireNo-host bar, free valet parking

“A Spire” is an absurdist play about Ireland and the Irish psyche. It begins with two workmen who find themselves standing atop a scaffold, against the backdrop of a Dublin skyline. The scaffold hangs from a large metal monument. The workmen’s job – it would seem – is to polish the surface of this monument. But as they do so, a bird – with uncanny accuracy – repeatedly defecates right on the spot that they are cleaning. Their already monumental task is thus rendered all the more iaba-profile-photoinsurmountable.

Brian was born in Dublin, Ireland. He has studied in Trinity, Oxford and Berkeley. He went on to teach legal and political philosophy in the law school in Trinity College Dublin, and now works as an attorney in Silicon Valley. Brian has been a playwright for five years now. He has written numerous plays and short stories, as well as a screenplay and a radio play. He recently had his short story “Once a Home” long listed for the Moth Short Story Prize.