The Crossroads Salon

crossroads_logoSunday, October 9th, 1-3pm, C.B. Hannegan’s map

Join Crossroads for a special meeting of the Crossroads Salon as part of the Los Gatos – Listowel Writers’ Festival.

The Crossroads Salon is a place to highlight and explore the work of local writers and artists who either have Irish-American heritage or are interested in exploring Irish-American themes. It is produced by the Irish-American Crossroads Festival.

Participants may bring work (poetry, prose, dramatic reading, music, visual art) or questions related to Irish-American history, identity, culture.

How do you relate to an Irish-American identity? Do you have multiple/hybrid identities – how does Irishness fit alongside other ethnic/racial identities? How does an Irish identity inform your sense of self, community or belonging?

Participants are also welcome to bring work from a writer/artist about a relationship to identity, culture, experience that especially resonates with you. Each participant’s offering is limited to 8-10 minutes.

The Crossroads Salon is a forum for writers/artists who have Irish or Irish-American heritages or are interested in exploring Irish-American themes, as well as for readers/viewers who want to participate in this exploration.

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For additional information, please contact Margaret McPeake by email or call 707-235-9858